3P's co-founder David Tianga was hired by Anomaly Productions to write the teleplay and help create the exciting new half hour dramedy HYPE. Alexis Suarez is part of the cast as well as an executive producer.


Where most TV shows about the Hip Hop music industry stop, Hype will be just getting started. The half hour dramatic series will be Entourage and The Wire rolled into one. Intent on showing how a rap star is born, raised, and ultimately destroyed, the series will take viewers on an intimate ride with “Manager” Mike Rosenfeld and International P, high school friends who are trying to “change the game”. The eager duo will quickly learn that the road to success does not necessarily depend on the quality of their music, but on how they handle the over inflated egos and dangerous crooks who orbit the industry they so badly want to be a part of. And when they’re done dealing with that, they go home to jealous girlfriends, unsupportive parents, and baby mama drama. When we meet International, he is on the verge of completing phase one of manager Mike’s master plan, graduating from street celebrity to getting signed to a major label. Will International and Mike get signed or will they learn that the higher the climb, the bigger the fall?


Pablo Gonzalez (Fight Klub); Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You, 7th Heaven); Luis Guzman (How to Make It in America, Arthur); Zach McGowan (Shameless, Terminator: Salvation); Hassan Johnson (The Wire); Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore (The Sopranos); DJ Woo Kid; Super Producer Rockwilder and many more